The rubin_sim module provides support for Rubin Observatory’s LSST survey scheduler, survey strategy analysis, and some basic simulation requirements.

List of submodules:

  • rubin_sim.utils provides some basic utilities we use throughout the rest of rubin_sim, but may be useful for other purposes.

  • provides a minimal tool to track the location of the associated downloaded data (see rs_download_data).

  • rubin_sim.phot_utils provides synthetic photometry and SNR tools.

  • rubin_sim.site_models provides tools to interact with our models for seeing and weather, as well as almanacs of sunrise/sunset.

  • rubin_sim.skybrightness can generate predicted skybrightness values for the Rubin site.

  • rubin_sim.skybrightness_pre provides pre-calculated versions of the skybrightness for the lifetime of LSST.

  • rubin_sim.scheduler provides the scheduling algorithms for Rubin and can generate (currently simulated) pointing histories.

  • rubin_sim.moving_objects can generate ephemerides for Solar System small bodies for a simulated LSST pointing history.

  • rubin_sim.maf provides metric analysis tools for simulated pointing histories.

Table of Contents