Data Download

The module provides a script to download the data required to run various modules in rubin_sim, as well as to check the expected versions of the data. It also provides utilities to interpret the location of this $RUBIN_SIM_DATA_DIR on disk and to return the path to the current baseline simulation output (one of the datafiles downloaded by this module).

With the split of rubin_sim into rubin_sim + rubin_scheduler, the required data download utilities now live in the package. rubin_scheduler is a necessary dependency of rubin_sim and should have been installed during the installation process. The module simply provides additional information on the data files necessary for rubin_sim, then calls the scripts from to execute the download.

Downloading Necessary Data

Please see the information in the rubin-scheduler “Downloading Necessary Data” documentation for more details on setting up $RUBIN_SIM_DATA_DIR (which is shared between rubin_scheduler, rubin_sim and schedview).

Using either the default path to $RUBIN_SIM_DATA_DIR, or after setting it explicitly, first download the necessary data for rubin_scheduler and then add the (larger) data set for rubin_sim:


This creates a series of directories at $RUBIN_SIM_DATA_DIR (in addition to the directories originating from rubin_scheduler):

  • maf (containing data used for various metrics)

  • maps (containing various stellar density and 2-D and 3-D dust maps)

  • movingObjects (containing asteroid SEDs)

  • orbits (containing orbits for Solar System population samples)

  • orbits_precompute (precomputed daily orbits for the samples above)

  • sim_baseline (containing the current baseline simulation output)

  • skybrightness (containing information needed for the skybrightness module)

  • throughputs (current baseline throughput information)

  • test (containing data for unit tests)

Note that the data will only be downloaded for the directories which do not already exist, regardless of whether the version on disk is up to date. To force an update to a version which matches the rubin_scheduler version:

rs_download_data --update

This can also be applied only to certain directories, using the --dirs flag. It may be worth noting that some of the above directories are more sizeable than others – the maps, maf and orbits_precompute directories are the largest and if not needed, can be skipped in download by using --dirs.