rubin_sim.utils.m5_scale(exp_time, nexp, airmass, fwhm_eff, musky, dark_sky_mag, cm, d_cm_infinity, k_atm, tau_cloud=0, base_exp_time=15)

Return m5 (scaled) value for all filters.


Exposure time (in seconds) for each exposure


Number of exposures


Airmass of the observation

fwhm_effnp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

FWHM (in arcseconds) per filter

muskynp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

Sky background (in magnitudes/sq arcsecond) per filter of the observation

dark_sky_magnp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

Dark Sky, zenith magnitude/sq arcsecond - to scale musky. per filter

cmnp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

cm value for the throughputs per filter

d_cm_infinitynp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

d_cm_infinity values for the throughputs, per filter

k_atmnp.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

Atmospheric extinction values, per filter

tau_cloudfloat, optional

Extinction due to clouds

base_exp_timefloat, optional

The exposure time used to calculate cm / d_cm_infinity. Used to scale exp_time. This is the individual exposure exposure time.

np.ndarray or pd.DataFrame

m5 values scaled for the visit conditions

Note: The columns required as input for m5_scale can be calculated using
the makeM5 function in lsst.syseng.throughputs.