rubin_sim.utils.app_geo_from_observed(ra, dec, include_refraction=True, wavelength=0.5, obs_metadata=None)

Convert observed (RA, Dec) to apparent geocentric (RA, Dec). More specifically: undo the effects of refraction and diurnal aberration.

Note: This method is only accurate at zenith distances less than ~75 degrees.

This method works in degrees.

@param [in] ra is observed RA (degrees). Can be a numpy array or a number.

@param [in] dec is observed Dec (degrees). Can be a numpy array or a number.

@param [in] include_refraction is a bool to turn refraction on and off

@param [in] wavelength is effective wavelength in microns (default: 0.5)

@param [in] obs_metadata is an ObservationMetaData characterizing the observation.

@param [out] a 2-D numpy array in which the first row is the apparent geocentric RA and the second row is the apparentGeocentric Dec (both in degrees)