rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.wfd_no_dust_healpixels(nside, dec_min=-72.25, dec_max=12.4, dust_limit=0.19)

Define a WFD region with a dust extinction limit.

nsideint, optional

Resolution for the healpix maps. Default None uses rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.set_default_nside to set default (often 32).

dec_minfloat, optional

Minimum dec of the region (deg). Default -72.5 deg.

dec_maxfloat, optional.

Maximum dec of the region (deg). Default 12.5 deg. 1.75 is the FOV radius in deg.

dust_limitfloat, None

Remove pixels with E(B-V) values greater than dust_limit from the footprint.

resultnumpy array