rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.season_calc(night, offset=0, modulo=None, max_season=None, season_length=365.25, floor=True)

Compute what season a night is in with possible offset and modulo using convention that night -365 to 0 is season -1.

nightint or array

The night we want to convert to a season

offsetfloat or array (0)

Offset to be applied to night (days)

moduloint (None)

If the season should be modulated (i.e., so we can get all even years) (seasons, years w/default season_length)

max_seasonint (None)

For any season above this value (before modulo), set to -1

season_lengthfloat (365.25)

How long to consider one season (nights)

floorbool (True)

If true, take the floor of the season. Otherwise, returns season as a float