rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.restore_scheduler(observation_id, scheduler, observatory, in_obs, filter_sched=None, fast=True)

Put the scheduler and observatory in the state they were in. Handy for checking reward fucnction


The ID of the last observation that should be completed

schedulerrubin_sim.scheduler.scheduler object

Scheduler object.


The observaotry object

in_obsnp.array or str

Array of observations (formated like rubin_sim.scheduler.empty_observation). If a string, assumed to be a file and SchemaConverter is used to load it.

filter_schedrubin_sim.scheduler.scheduler object

The filter scheduler. Note that we don’t look up the official end of the previous night, so there is potential for the loaded filters to not match.

fastbool (True)

If True, loads observations and passes them as an array to the add_observations_array method. If False, passes observations individually with add_observation method.