rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.make_rolling_footprints(fp_hp=None, mjd_start=60218.0, sun_ra_start=3.27717639, nslice=2, scale=0.8, nside=32, wfd_indx=None, order_roll=0, n_cycles=None, n_constant_start=3, n_constant_end=6)

Generate rolling footprints


A dict with filtername keys and HEALpix map values


The starting date of the survey.


The RA of the sun at the start of the survey

nsliceint (2)

How much to slice the sky up. Can be 2, 3, 4, or 6.

scalefloat (0.8)

The strength of the rolling, value of 1 is full power rolling, zero is no rolling.

wfd_indxarray of ints (none)

The indices of the HEALpix map that are to be included in the rolling.

order_rollint (0)

Change the order of when bands roll. Default 0.

n_cyclesint (None)

Number of complete rolling cycles to attempt. If None, defaults to 3 full cycles for nslice=2, 2 cycles for nslice=3 or 4, and 1 cycle for nslice=6.

n_constant_startint (3)

The number of constant non-rolling seasons to start with. Anything less than 3 results in rolling starting before the entire sky has had a constant year.

n_constant_endint (6)

The number of constant seasons to end the survey with. Defaults to 6.

Footprints object