rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.generate_all_sky(nside=None, elevation_limit=20, mask=-1.6375e+30)

Set up a healpix map over the entire sky. Calculate RA & Dec, Galactic l & b, Ecliptic l & b, for all healpixels. Calculate max altitude, to set to areas which LSST cannot reach (set these to hp.unseen).

This is intended to be a useful tool to use to set up target maps, beyond the standard maps provided in these utilities. Masking based on RA, Dec, Galactic or Ecliptic lat and lon is easier.

nsideint, optional

Resolution for the healpix maps. Default None uses rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.set_default_nside to set default (often 32).

elevation_limitfloat, optional

Elevation limit for map. Parts of the sky which do not reach this elevation limit will be set to mask.

maskfloat, optional

Mask value for ‘unreachable’ parts of the sky, defined as elevation < 20. Note that the actual limits will be set elsewhere, using the observatory model. This limit is for use when understanding what the maps could look like.

dict of np.ndarray

Returns map, RA/Dec, Gal l/b, Ecl l/b (each an np.ndarray IN RADIANS) in a dictionary.