class rubin_sim.scheduler.detailers.ShortExptDetailer(exp_time=1.0, filtername='r', nside=32, footprint=None, nobs=2, mjd0=None, survey_name='short', read_approx=2.0, night_max=None, n_repeat=1, time_scale=False)

Bases: BaseDetailer

Check if the area has been observed with a short exposure time this year. If not, add some short exposures.

exp_timefloat (1.)

The short exposure time to use.

nobsfloat (2)

The number of observations to try and take per year

night_maxfloat (None)

Do not apply any changes to the observation list if the current night is greater than night_max.

n_repeatint (1)

How many short observations to do in a row.

time_scalebool (False)

Should the short observations be scaled throughout the year (True), or taken as fast as possible (False).

Methods Summary

__call__(observation_list, conditions)


Methods Documentation

__call__(observation_list, conditions)
observation_listlist of observations

The observations to detail.

conditionsrubin_sim.scheduler.conditions object
List of observations.