class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.ZenithShadowMaskBasisFunction(nside=None, min_alt=20.0, max_alt=82.0, shadow_minutes=40.0, penalty=nan, site='LSST')

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Mask the zenith, and things that will soon pass near zenith. Useful for making sure observations will not be too close to zenith when they need to be observed again (e.g. for a pair).

min_altfloat (20.)

The minimum alititude to alow. Everything lower is masked. (degrees)

max_altfloat (82.)

The maximum altitude to alow. Everything higher is masked. (degrees)

shadow_minutesfloat (40.)

Mask anything that will pass through the max alt in the next shadow_minutes time. (minutes)