class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.TargetMapBasisFunction(filtername='r', nside=None, target_map=None, norm_factor=None, out_of_bounds_val=-10.0)

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Basis function that tracks number of observations and tries to match a specified spatial distribution

filtername: `str` (‘r’)

The name of the filter for this target map.

nside: `int` (default_nside)

The healpix resolution.

target_mapnumpy array (None)

A healpix map showing the ratio of observations desired for all points on the sky

norm_factorfloat (0.00010519)

for converting target map to number of observations. Should be the area of the camera divided by the area of a healpixel divided by the sum of all your goal maps. Default value assumes LSST foV has 1.75 degree radius and the standard goal maps. If using mulitple filters, see rubin_sim.scheduler.utils.calc_norm_factor for a utility that computes norm_factor.

out_of_bounds_valfloat (-10.)

Reward value to give regions where there are no observations requested (unitless).