class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.NObsPerYearBasisFunction(filtername='r', nside=None, footprint=None, n_obs=3, season=300, season_start_hour=-4.0, season_end_hour=2.0)

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Reward areas that have not been observed N-times in the last year

filternamestr (‘r’)

The filter to track


Should be a HEALpix map. Values of 0 or np.nan will be ignored.

n_obsint (3)

The number of observations to demand

seasonfloat (300)

The amount of time to allow pass before marking a region as “behind”. Default 365.25 (days).

season_start_hourfloat (-2)

When to start the season relative to RA 180 degrees away from the sun (hours)

season_end_hourfloat (2)

When to consider a season ending, the RA relative to the sun + 180 degrees. (hours)