class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.NGoodSeeingBasisFunction(filtername='r', nside=None, seeing_fwhm_max=0.8, m5_penalty_max=0.5, n_obs_desired=3, footprint=None, mjd_start=1)

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Try to get N “good seeing” images each observing season

seeing_fwhm_maxfloat (0.8)

Value to consider as “good” threshold (arcsec).

m5_penalty_maxfloat (0.5)

The maximum depth loss that is considered acceptable (magnitudes)

n_obs_desiredint (3)

Number of good seeing observations to collect per season.

mjd_startfloat (1)

The starting MJD.

footprintnp.array (None)

Only use area where footprint > 0. Should be a HEALpix map.