class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.FootprintRollingBasisFunction(filtername='r', nside=None, footprints=None, all_footprints_sum=None, all_rolling_sum=None, out_of_bounds_val=-10, season_modulo=2, season_length=365.25, max_season=None, day_offset=None, window_size=6.0)

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Let’s get the rolling really right.

footprintslist of np.array

List of HEALpix arrays. The footprints should all have matching sums and have the same nside.


The sum of footprints over all filters.


The sum (over all filters) of the region of the maps that changs.

season_moduloint (2)

The modulo to pass to utils.season_calc.

season_lengthfloat (365.25)

How long a season should be (days).

max_seasonint (None)

If set, the season calc will return -1 for values greater than max_season

day_offsetnp.array (None)

Offset to pass to utils.season_calc (days).