class rubin_sim.scheduler.basis_functions.FootprintBasisFunction(filtername='r', nside=None, footprint=None, out_of_bounds_val=-10.0, window_size=6.0)

Bases: BaseBasisFunction

Basis function that tries to maintain a uniformly covered footprint

filternamestr (‘r’)

The filter for this footprint

footprintrubin_sim.scheduler.utils.Footprint object

The desired footprint.

all_footprints_sumfloat (None)

If using multiple filters, the sum of all the footprints. Needed to make sure basis functions are normalized properly across all fitlers.

out_of_bounds_valfloat (-10)

The value to set the basis function for regions that are not in the footprint (default -10, np.nan is another good value to use)