rubin_sim.phot_utils.calc_snr_m5(magnitude, bandpass, m5, phot_params, gamma=None)

Calculate signal to noise in flux using the model from equation (5) of arXiv:0805.2366

@param [in] magnitude of the sources whose signal to noise you are calculating (can be a numpy array)

@param [in] bandpass (an instantiation of the class Bandpass) in which the magnitude was calculated

@param [in] m5 is the 5-sigma limiting magnitude for the bandpass

@param [in] phot_params is an instantiation of the PhotometricParameters class that carries details about the photometric response of the telescope.

@param [in] gamma (optional) is the gamma parameter from equation(5) of arXiv:0805.2366. If not provided, this method will calculate it.

@param [out] snr is the signal to noise ratio corresponding to the input magnitude.

@param [out] gamma is the calculated gamma parameter for the bandpass used here (in case the user wants to call this method again).

Note: You can also pass in a numpy array of magnitudes calculated in the same bandpass with the same m5 and get a numpy array of SNR out.