class rubin_sim.phot_utils.DustValues(r_v=3.1, bandpass_dict=None, ref_ebv=1.0)

Bases: object

Calculate extinction values

R_vfloat (3.1)

Extinction law parameter (3.1).

bandpassDictdict (None)

A dict with keys of filtername and values of rubin_sim.phot_utils.Bandpass objects. Default of None will load the standard ugrizy bandpasses.

ref_evfloat (1.)

The reference E(B-V) value to use. Things in MAF assume 1.

Note: the value that dust_values calls “ax1” is actually equivalent to r_x in any filter.
And then it’s more clear that r_x * ebv = A_x (the extinction due to dust in any bandpass).
DustValues.r_x is also provided as a copy of DustValues.ax1 .. eventually ax1 may be deprecated
in favor of r_x.