class rubin_sim.maf.stackers.CometAppMagStacker(comet_type='oort', ap=0.04, rh_col='helio_dist', delta_col='geo_dist', phase_col='phase', seeing_col='FWHMgeom', ap_scale=1, filter_col='filter', v_mag_col='magV', color_col='dmag_color', loss_col='dmag_detect')

Bases: BaseMoStacker

Add a cometary apparent magnitude, including nucleus and coma, based on a calculation of Afrho (using the current h_val) and a Halley-Marcus phase curve for the coma brightness.

cometTypestr, optional

Type of comet - short, oort, or mbc. This setting also sets the value of Afrho1 and k: short = Afrho1 / R^2 = 100 cm/km2, k = -4 oort = Afrho1 / R^2 = 1000 cm/km2, k = -2 mbc = Afrho1 / R^2 = 4000 cm/km2, k = -6. Default = ‘oort’. It is also possible to pass this a dictionary instead: the dictionary should contain ‘k’ and ‘afrho1_const’ keys, which will be used to set these values directly. (e.g. cometType = {‘k’: -3.5, ‘afrho1_const’: 1500}).

apfloat, optional

The albedo for calculating the object’s size. Default 0.04

rh_colstr, optional

The column name for the heliocentric distance (in AU). Default ‘helio_dist’.

delta_colstr, optional

The column name for the geocentric distance (in AU). Default ‘geo_dist’.

phase_colstr, optional

The column name for the phase value (in degrees). Default ‘phase’.

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cols_added = ['appMag']