class rubin_sim.maf.stackers.BaseDitherStacker(ra_col='fieldRA', dec_col='fieldDec', degrees=True, max_dither=1.75, in_hex=True)

Bases: BaseStacker

Base class for dither stackers.

The base class just adds an easy way to define a stacker as one of the ‘dither’ types of stackers. These run first, before any other stackers.

ra_colstr, optional

The name of the RA column in the data. Default ‘fieldRA’.

dec_colstr, optional

The name of the Dec column in the data. Default ‘fieldDec’.

degreesbool, optional

Flag whether RA/Dec should be treated as (and kept as) degrees.

max_ditherfloat, optional

The radius of the maximum dither offset, in degrees. Default 1.75 degrees.

in_hexbool, optional

If True, offsets are constrained to lie within a hexagon inscribed within the max_dither circle. If False, offsets can lie anywhere out to the edges of the max_dither circle. Default True.

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