class rubin_sim.maf.stackers.AppMagStacker(v_mag_col='magV', color_col='dmag_color', loss_col='dmag_detect')

Bases: BaseMoStacker

Add apparent magnitude of an object for the current h_val (compared to Href in the orbit file), incorporating the magnitude losses due to trailing/detection, as well as the color of the object.

This is calculated from the reported mag_v in the input observation file (calculated assuming Href) as: ssoObs[‘appMag’] = ssoObs[self.vMagCol] + ssoObs[self.colorCol] + ssoObs[self.lossCol] + h_val - Href

Using the vMag reported in the input observations implicitly uses the phase curve coded in at that point; for Oorb this is an H/G phase curve, with G=0.15 unless otherwise specified in the orbit file. See sims_movingObjects for more details on the color and loss quantities.

v_mag_colstr, optional

Name of the column containing the base V magnitude for the object at H=Href.

loss_colstr, optional

Name of the column describing the magnitude losses, due to trailing (dmagTrail) or detection (dmag_detect). Default dmag_detect.

color_colstr, optional

Name of the column describing the color correction (into the observation filter, from V). Default dmag_color.

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cols_added = ['appMag']