rubin_sim.maf.run_comparison.download_runs(runs, dest_dir=None, runs_source=None, clobber=False)

Download opsim visit databases for specified runs to a local directory.

runspandas.DataFrame or iterable [str]

If a pandas.DataFrame is provided, the OpsimRun column will be used to get run names, and data will be read from the url specified in the url column. If a collection of str is provided, these will be interpreted as run names supplied by data originating in the run metadata provided by the runs_source parameter.


The local directory into which to write downloaded visit databases.


File name or URL for the json file from which to load the metadata. If it is set to None, the data is loaded from the URL specified by the archive.RUNS_SOURCE constant. This parameter is ignored if the runs parameter is set to a pandas.DataFrame.


If False, runs that would clobber an existing file will be skipped. If True, existing files will be overwritten.


Metadata on runs downloaded (in the same structure as the return of archive.get_runs).