class rubin_sim.maf.plots.SummaryHistogram

Bases: BasePlotter

Special plotter to summarize metrics which return a set of values at each slice_point, such as if a histogram was calculated at each slice_point (e.g. with the rubin_sim.maf.metrics.TgapsMetric). Effectively marginalizes the calculated values over the sky, and plots the a summarized version (reduced to a single according to the plot_dict[‘metricReduce’] metric).

Methods Summary

__call__(metric_value, slicer, user_plot_dict)


Methods Documentation

__call__(metric_value, slicer, user_plot_dict, fignum=None)

Handles ‘object’ datatypes for the masked array.


Any MAF slicer.

user_plot_dict: dict

Dictionary of plot parameters set by user (overrides default values). ‘metricReduce’ (an rubin_sim.maf.metric) indicates how to marginalize the metric values calculated at each point to a single series of values over the sky. ‘histStyle’ (True/False) indicates whether to plot the results as a step histogram (True) or as a series of values (False) ‘bins’ (np.ndarray) sets the x values for the resulting plot and should generally match the bins used with the metric.


Matplotlib figure number to use (default = None, starts new figure).


Matplotlib figure number used to create the plot.