class rubin_sim.maf.metrics.RapidRevisitUniformityMetric(mjd_col='observationStartMJD', min_nvisits=100, d_tmin=0.0004629629629629629, d_tmax=0.020833333333333332, metric_name='RapidRevisitUniformity', **kwargs)

Bases: BaseMetric

Calculate uniformity of time between consecutive visits on short timescales (for RAV1).

Uses a the same ‘uniformity’ calculation as the UniformityMetric, based on the KS-test. A value of 0 is perfectly uniform; a value of 1 is purely non-uniform.

mjd_colstr, optional

The column containing the ‘time’ value. Default observationStartMJD.

min_nvisitsint, optional

The minimum number of visits required within the time interval (d_tmin to d_tmax). Default 100.

d_tminfloat, optional

The minimum dTime to consider (in days). Default 40 seconds.

d_tmaxfloat, optional

The maximum dTime to consider (in days). Default 30 minutes.

Methods Summary

run(data_slice[, slice_point])

Calculate metric values.

Methods Documentation

run(data_slice, slice_point=None)

Calculate metric values.


Values passed to metric by the slicer, which the metric will use to calculate metric values at each slice_point.

slice_pointdict or None

Dictionary of slice_point metadata passed to each metric. E.g. the ra/dec of the healpix pixel or opsim fieldId.

metricValue: int float or object

The metric value at each slice_point.