class rubin_sim.maf.metrics.BaseMoMetric(cols=None, metric_name=None, units='#', badval=0, comment=None, child_metrics=None, app_mag_col='appMag', app_mag_v_col='appMagV', m5_col='fiveSigmaDepth', night_col='night', mjd_col='observationStartMJD', snr_col='SNR', vis_col='vis', ra_col='ra', dec_col='dec', seeing_col='seeingFwhmGeom', exp_time_col='visitExposureTime', filter_col='filter')

Bases: BaseMetric

Base class for the moving object metrics. Intended to be used with the Moving Object Slicer.

Methods Summary

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

Methods Documentation

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

sso_obs: np.ndarray

The input data to the metric (same as the parent metric).

orb: np.ndarray

The information about the orbit for which the metric is being calculated.


The H value for which the metric is being calculated.

float or np.ndarray or dict