class rubin_sim.maf.metrics.ActivityOverTimeMetric(window, snr_limit=5, survey_years=10.0, metric_name=None, **kwargs)

Bases: BaseMoMetric

Count fraction of survey we could identify activity for an SSobject.

Counts the time periods where we would have a chance to detect activity on a moving object. Splits observations into time periods set by ‘window’, then looks for observations within each window, and reports what fraction of the total windows receive ‘nObs’ visits.

Methods Summary

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

Methods Documentation

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

sso_obs: np.ndarray

The input data to the metric (same as the parent metric).

orb: np.ndarray

The information about the orbit for which the metric is being calculated.


The H value for which the metric is being calculated.

float or np.ndarray or dict