class rubin_sim.maf.metrics.ActivityOverPeriodMetric(bin_size, snr_limit=5, q_col='q', e_col='e', a_col='a', t_peri_col='tPeri', anomaly_col='meanAnomaly', metric_name=None, **kwargs)

Bases: BaseMoMetric

Count fraction of object period we could identify activity for an SSobject.

Count the fraction of the orbit (when split into n_bins) that receive observations, in order to have a chance to detect activity.

Methods Summary

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

Methods Documentation

run(sso_obs, orb, hval)

Calculate the metric value.

sso_obs: np.ndarray

The input data to the metric (same as the parent metric).

orb: np.ndarray

The information about the orbit for which the metric is being calculated.


The H value for which the metric is being calculated.

float or np.ndarray or dict