rubin_sim.maf.metric_bundles.make_completeness_bundle(bundle, completeness_metric, h_mark=None, results_db=None)

Make a mock metric bundle from a bundle which had MoCompleteness or MoCumulativeCompleteness summary metrics run. This lets us use the plotHandler + plots.MetricVsH to generate plots. Will also work with completeness metric run in order to calculate fraction of the population, or with MoCompletenessAtTime metric.


The metric bundle with a completeness summary statistic.


The summary (completeness) metric to run on the bundle.

h_markfloat, optional

The Hmark value to add to the plotting dictionary of the new mock bundle. Default None.

results_db~rubin_sim.maf.db.ResultsDb, optional

The results_db in which to record the summary statistic value at Hmark. Default None.