rubin_sim.maf.maps.ebv_3d_hp(nside, map_file=None, ra=None, dec=None, pixels=None, interp=False)

Reads and saves a 3d dust extinction file, return extinction at specified points (ra/dec/ or pixels).

nside: `int`

Healpixel resolution (2^x).

map_filestr, opt

Path to dust map file.

ranp.ndarray or float, opt

RA (can take numpy array). Default None sets up healpix array of nside. Radians.

decnp.ndarray or float, opt

Dec (can take numpy array). Default None set up healpix array of nside. Radians.

pixelsnp.ndarray, opt

Healpixel IDs, to sub-select particular healpix points. Default uses all points. Easiest way to access healpix values. Note that the pixels in the healpix array MUST come from a healpix grid with the same nside as the ebv_3d_hp map. Using different nsides can potentially fail silently.

interpbool, opt

Should returned values be interpolated (True) or just nearest neighbor (False). Default False.