rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.generate_microlensing_slicer(min_crossing_time=1, max_crossing_time=10, t_start=1, t_end=3652, n_events=10000, seed=42, nside=128, filtername='r')

Generate a UserPointSlicer with a population of microlensing events. To be used with MicrolensingMetric

min_crossing_timefloat (1)

The minimum crossing time for the events generated (days)

max_crossing_timefloat (10)

The max crossing time for the events generated (days)

t_startfloat (1)

The night to start generating peaks (days)

t_endfloat (3652)

The night to end generating peaks (days)

n_eventsint (10000)

Number of microlensing events to generate

seedfloat (42)

Random number seed

nsideint (128)

HEALpix nside, used to pick which stellar density map to load

filternamestr (‘r’)

The filter to use for the stellar density map