rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.generate_kn_pop_slicer(t_start=1, t_end=3652, n_events=10000, seed=42, n_files=308, d_min=10, d_max=300, ra=None, dec=None)

Generate a population of KNe events, and put the info about them into a UserPointSlicer object

t_startfloat (1)

The night to start kilonova events on (days)

t_endfloat (3652)

The final night of kilonova events

n_eventsint (10000)

The number of kilonova events to generate


The seed passed to np.random

n_filesint (308)

The number of different kilonova lightcurves to use This should match the length of the filenames list passed to the KNePopMetric directly.

d_minfloat or int (10)

Minimum luminosity distance (Mpc)

d_maxfloat or int (300)

Maximum luminosity distance (Mpc)

ra, decnp.array (None)

The ra and dec to use for event positions. Generates uniformly on the spehere if None. (degrees)