rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.galaxy_counts_with_pixel_calibration(coaddm5, upper_mag_limit, nside=128, filter_band='i', redshift_bin='all', cfhtls_counts=False, normalized_mock_catalog_counts=True)

Estimate galaxy counts for a given HEALpix pixel directly (without a slicer).


coadded 5sigma limiting magnitude for the pixel.


upper limit on the magnitude, used to calculate num_gal.

nside: `int`, opt

HEALpix resolution parameter. Default: 128

filter_bandstr, opt

Any one of ‘u’, ‘g’, ‘r’, ‘i’, ‘z’, ‘y’. Default: ‘i’

redshift_binstr, opt

options include ‘0.<z<0.15’, ‘0.15<z<0.37’, ‘0.37<z<0.66, ‘0.66<z<1.0’, ‘1.0<z<1.5’, ‘1.5<z<2.0’, ‘2.0<z<2.5’, ‘2.5<z<3.0’,’3.0<z<3.5’, ‘3.5<z<4.0’, ‘all’ for no redshift restriction (i.e. 0.<z<4.0) Default: ‘all’

cfhtls_countsbool, opt

set to True if want to calculate the total galaxy counts from CFHTLS powerlaw from LSST Science Book. Must be run with redshift_bin= ‘all’ Default: False

normalized_mock_catalog_counts: `bool`, opt

set to False if want the raw/un-normalized galaxy counts from mock catalogs. Default: True