class rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.TripletMetric(time_col='expMJD', **kwargs)

Bases: BaseMetric

Find the number of ‘triplets’ of three images taken in any band, based on user-selected minimum and maximum intervals (in hours), as well as constraining the ratio of the two exposures intervals. Triplets are not required to be consecutive observations and may be overlapping.

Methods Summary

run(data_slice[, slice_point])

Calculate metric values.

Methods Documentation

run(data_slice, slice_point=None)

Calculate metric values.


Values passed to metric by the slicer, which the metric will use to calculate metric values at each slice_point.

slice_pointdict or None

Dictionary of slice_point metadata passed to each metric. E.g. the ra/dec of the healpix pixel or opsim fieldId.

metricValue: int float or object

The metric value at each slice_point.