class rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.PentagonDiamondDitherPerSeasonStacker(ra_col='fieldRA', dec_col='fieldDec', field_id_col='fieldID', exp_mjd_col='expMJD', max_dither=1.75, wrap_last_season=True)

Bases: PentagonDiamondDitherFieldPerSeasonStacker

Offset along a diamond circumscribed by a pentagon. Sequential offset for all fields every season.

ra_col: str

name of the RA column in the data. Default: ‘fieldRA’.


name of the Dec column in the data. Default: ‘fieldDec’.


name of the fieldID column in the data. Default: ‘fieldID’.


name of the date/time stamp column in the data. Default: ‘expMJD’.

max_dither: float

radius of the maximum dither offset, in degrees. Default: 1.75

wrap_last_season: `bool`

set to False to all consider 11 seasons independently. set to True to wrap 0th and 10th season, leading to a total of 10 seasons. Default: True