class rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.GW170817DetMetric(ascii_file=PosixPath('/usr/share/miniconda/envs/test/lib/python3.10/site-packages/rubin_sim/maf/data/DECAMGemini_SED.txt'), metric_name='GW170817DetMetric', z=0.08, num_filters=2, filter_time=25.0, num_phases_to_run=5, **kwargs)

Bases: TransientAsciiSEDMetric

Wrapper metric class for GW170817-like kilonovae based on the TransientAsciiSEDMetric. Defaults are set to those corresponding to similar detection criteria used in Scolnic et al. 2018 and Setzer et al. 2019. However, due to the simplified nature of transient distribution for computing this metric, the criteria have been altered to only include criteria two and three. The chosen redshift is at the approximate mean redshift of the detected cosmological redshift distribution shown in Setzer et al. 2019.

ascii_filestr, optional

The ascii file containing the inputs for the SED. The file must contain three columns - [‘phase’, ‘wave’, ‘flux’] - of phase/epoch (in days), wavelength (Angstroms), and flux (ergs/s/Angstrom). Default, data provided with sims_maf_contrib.

metric_namestr, optional

Name of the metric, can be overwritten by user or child metric.

z: float, optional

Cosmological redshift at which to consider observations of the tranisent SED. Default 0.08.

num_filtersint, optional

Number of filters that need to be observed for an object to be counted as detected. Default 2. (if num_per_lightcurve is 0, then this will be reset to 0).

filter_timefloat, optional

The time within which observations in at least num_filters are required (in days). Default 25.0 days.

num_phases_to_runint, optional

Sets the number of phases that should be checked. One can imagine pathological cadences where many objects pass the detection criteria, but would not if the observations were offset by a phase-shift. Default 5.