class rubin_sim.maf.maf_contrib.DepthLimitedNumGalMetric(m5_col='fiveSigmaDepth', filter_col='filter', nside=128, filter_band='i', redshift_bin='all', nfilters_needed=6, lim_mag_i_ptsrc=26.0, lim_ebv=0.2, metric_name='DepthLimitedNumGalaxiesMetric', units='Galaxy Counts', **kwargs)

Bases: BaseMetric

This metric calculates the number of galaxies while accounting for the extragalactic footprint.

m5_col: str, optional

Name of column for depth in the data. Default: ‘fiveSigmaDepth’

filter_col: str, optional

Name of column for filter in the data. Default: ‘filter’

maps: list, optional

List of map names. Default: [‘DustMap’]

nside: int, optional

HEALpix resolution parameter. Default: 256. This should match slicer nside.

filter_band: str, optional

Filter to use to calculate galaxy counts. Any one of ‘u’, ‘g’, ‘r’, ‘i’, ‘z’, ‘y’. Default: ‘i’

redshiftBin: str, optional

options include ‘0.<z<0.15’, ‘0.15<z<0.37’, ‘0.37<z<0.66, ‘0.66<z<1.0’, ‘1.0<z<1.5’, ‘1.5<z<2.0’, ‘2.0<z<2.5’, ‘2.5<z<3.0’,’3.0<z<3.5’, ‘3.5<z<4.0’, ‘all’ for no redshift restriction (so consider 0.<z<4.0) Default: ‘all’

nfilters_needed: int, optional

Number of filters in which to require coverage. Default: 6

lim_mag_i_ptsrc: float, optional

Point-source limiting mag for the i-band coadded dust-corrected depth. Default: 26.0

lim_ebv: float, optional

Limiting EBV value. Default: 0.2

Number of galaxies in healpix if the slice_point passes the extragalactic cuts; otherwise self.badval

Methods Summary

run(data_slice[, slice_point])

Calculate metric values.

Methods Documentation

run(data_slice, slice_point=None)

Calculate metric values.

data_slicenumpy.ndarray, (N,)

Values passed to metric by the slicer, which the metric will use to calculate metric values at each slice_point.

slice_pointdict or None

Dictionary of slice_point metadata passed to each metric. E.g. the ra/dec of the healpix pixel or opsim fieldId.

metricValue: int float or object

The metric value at each slice_point.