rubin_sim.maf.db.add_run_to_database(maf_dir, tracking_db_file, run_group=None, run_name=None, run_comment=None, maf_comment=None, db_file=None, maf_version=None, maf_date=None, sched_version=None, sched_date=None, skip_extras=False)

Adds information about a MAF analysis run to a MAF tracking database.


Path to the directory where the MAF results are located.


Full filename (+path) to the tracking database storing the MAF run information.

run_group: `str`, optional

Name to use to group this run with other opsim runs. Default None.

run_namestr, optional

Name of the opsim run. If not provided, will attempt to use run_name from configSummary.txt.

run_commentstr, optional

Comment about the opsim run. If not provided, will attempt to use runComment from configSummary.txt.

run_versionstr, optional

Value to use for the opsim version information. If not provided, will attempt to use the value from configSummary.txt

maf_commentstr, optional

Comment about the MAF analysis. If not provided, no comment will be recorded.

db_filestr, optional

Relative path + name of the opsim database file. If not provided, no location will be recorded.