rubin_sim.maf.batches.run_completeness_summary(bdict, h_mark, times, out_dir, results_db)

Calculate completeness and create completeness bundles from all N_Chances and Time (child) metrics of the (discovery) bundles in bdict, and write completeness at h_mark to results_db, save bundle to disk.

This should be done after combining any sub-sets of the metric results.

bdictdict of metric_bundles

Dict containing ~rubin_sim.maf.MoMetricBundles, including bundles we’re expecting to contain completeness.


h_mark value to add to completeness plotting dict. If not defined (None), then the h_mark from the plotdict from the metric will be used if available. If None and h_mark not in plot_dict, then median of h_range value will be used.


The times at which to calculate completeness (over time).


Output directory to save completeness bundles to disk.


Results database to save information about completeness bundle.

dict of metric_bundles

A dictionary of the new completeness bundles. Keys match original keys, with additions of “[Differential,Cumulative]Completeness@Time” and “[Differential,Cumulative]Completeness” to distinguish new entries.