rubin_sim.maf.batches.metadataMaps(value, colmap=None, runName='opsim', valueName=None, groupName=None, extraSql=None, extraInfoLabel=None, slicer=None)

Calculate 25/50/75 percentile values on maps across sky for a single metadata value.


The column name for the quantity to evaluate. (column name in the database or created by a stacker).

colmapdict or None, optional

A dictionary with a mapping of column names. Default will use OpsimV4 column names.

runNamestr, optional

The name of the simulated survey. Default is “opsim”.

valueNamestr, optional

The name of the value to be reported in the results_db and added to the metric. This is intended to help standardize metric comparison between sim versions. value = name as it is in the database (seeingFwhmGeom, etc). valueName = name to be recorded (‘seeingGeom’, etc.). Default is None, which will match ‘value’.

groupNamestr, optional

The group name for this quantity in the display_dict. Default is the same as ‘valueName’, capitalized.

extraSqlstr, optional

Additional constraint to add to any sql constraints (e.g. ‘propId=1’ or ‘fieldID=522’). Default None, for no additional constraints.

extraInfoLabelstr, optional

Additional info_label to add before any below (i.e. “WFD”). Default is None.

slicerrubin_sim.maf.slicer.BaseSlicer or None, optional

Optionally use something other than an nside=64 HealpixSlicer