rubin_sim.maf.batches.ddfBatch(run_name='run_name', nside=512, radius=2.5, nside_sne=128, extra_sql=None, extra_info_label=None)
nsideint (512)

The HEALpix nside to run most of the metrics on. default 512.

radiusfloat (2.5)

The radius to select around each ddf (degrees). Default 2.5. Note that Going too large will result in more background being selected, which can throw off things like the median number of visits. But going too small risks missing some DDF area on the double Euclid field, or a regular field with large dithers.

nside_sneint (128)

The HEALpix nside to use with the SNe metric.

extra_sqlstr (None)

Additional sql constraint (such as night<=365) to add to the necessary sql constraints below

extra_info_labelstr (None)

Additional description information to add (alongside the extra_sql)