rubin_sim.maf.batches.altazLambert(colmap=None, runName='opsim', extraSql=None, extraInfoLabel=None, metric_name='Nvisits as function of Alt/Az')

Generate a set of metrics measuring the number visits as a function of alt/az plotted on a LambertSkyMap.

colmapdict, optional

A dictionary with a mapping of column names. Default will use OpsimV4 column names.

runNamestr, optional

The name of the simulated survey. Default is “opsim”.

extraSqlstr, optional

Additional constraint to add to any sql constraints (e.g. ‘propId=1’ or ‘fieldID=522’). Default None, for no additional constraints.

extraInfoLabelstr, optional

Additional info_label to add before any below (i.e. “WFD”). Default is None.

metric_namestr, optional

Unique name to assign to metric