rubin_sim.maf.batches.allMetadata(colmap=None, runName='opsim', extraSql=None, extraInfoLabel=None, slicer=None)

Generate a large set of metrics about the metadata of each visit - distributions of airmass, normalized airmass, seeing, sky brightness, single visit depth, hour angle, distance to the moon, and solar elongation. The exact metadata which is analyzed is set by the colmap[‘metadataList’] value.

colmapdict or None, optional

A dictionary with a mapping of column names. Default will use OpsimV4 column names.

runNamestr, optional

The name of the simulated survey. Default is “opsim”.

extraSqlstr, optional

Sql constraint (such as WFD only). Default is None.

extraInfoLabelstr, optional

Metadata to identify the sql constraint (such as WFD). Default is None.

slicerrubin_sim.maf.slicer.BaseSlicer or None, optional

Optionally use something other than an nside=64 healpix slicer.